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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Choose your Lips Stick Shade Fun App

Girls ! not sure what colour lipstick to choose ?

Try this new app which helps you decide Choose your Lip Stick Shade

Have you been spending hours trying different shades of lipstick and end up not being able to decide which lipstick to choose ?

No Messy lips and No Tissue Papers.

App is fun and innovative way to know which lipstick shade is right for you.
It would give you a step by step guide on what to do.

Step 1: Get your own photo, it can be either one you take it just by webcam, upload from camera or from your Facebook profile.

Step 2: Size your Photo. Frame your picture so that your face is large enough to show the details of your lips.

Step 3: Outline your lips. Use the move and Zoom Controls to position and scale your photo.Then click and drag the points so that they outline the top and bottom lips.

Step 4: Choose different shade of lipsticks and you can Choose Four Shades which you like. Save them

Step 5: Voila! Share your Results with your friends and family. Have fun with this cool app.